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Články týdne nepokryjí veškerý zajímavý vývoj. Sesbíral jsem proto výroky vlivných osob a tady jsou v koncentrované podobě.
  • George Soros: „Financial markets are driving the world towards another Great Depression with incalculable political consequences. The authorities, particularly inEurope, have lost control of the situation.“
  • Mohammed El-Erian (PIMCO): „These are all signs of an institutional run on French banks. If it persists, the banks would have no choice but to de-lever their balance sheets in a very drastic and disorderly fashion. Retail depositors would get edgy and be tempted to follow trading and institutional clients through the exit doors. Europe would thus be thrown into a full-blown banking crisis that aggravates the sovereign debt trap, renders certain another economic recession, and significantly worsens the outlook for the global economy.“
  • Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy (UniCredit): „The only remaining question is how many days the hopeless rear-guard action of European governments and the European Central Bank can keep up Greek spirits. A default will trigger an immediate magnitude 10 earthquake across Europe.“
  • Stefan Homburg (Německý institut veřejných financí): „The Euro is nearing its ugly end. A collapse of the monetary union now appears unavoidable.“
  • Nigel Farage (Evropský parlament): „I think the worst in the financial system is yet to come, a possible cataclysm. If that happens, the gold price could go higher to a number that we simply cannot at this moment even imagine.“
  • Carl Weinberg (High Frequency Economics): „At this point, our base case is that Greecewill default within weeks.“
  • Alan Brazil (Goldman Sachs): „Solving a debt problem with more debt has not solved the underlying problem. In the United States, Treasury debt growth financed the USconsumer but has not had enough of an impact on job growth. Can the US continue to depreciate the world’s base currency?“
  • Juan Somavia (Mezinárodní organizace práce): „[The total unemployment could] increase by some 20 million to a total of 40 million in G-20 countries by the end of 2012.“
  • Josef Ackerman (Deutsche Bank): „It is an open secret that numerous European banks would not survive having to revalue sovereign debt held on the banking book at market levels.“
  • Alastair Newton (Nomura Securities): „We believe that we are just about to enter a critical period for the EuroZone. The threat of some sort of break-up between now and year-end is greater than it has been at any time since the start of the crisis.“
  • Ann Barnhardt, (Barnhardt Capital Mgmt): „It is over. There is no coming back from this. The only thing that can happen is a total and complete collapse of everything we now know, and humanity starts from scratch. And if you think that this collapse is going to play out without one hell of a big hot war, you are sadly mistaken.“
  • Lakshman Achuthan (Economic Cycle Research Institute): „When I call a recession, it means that process is starting to feed on itself, which means that you can yell and scream and you can write a big check, but it is not going to stop.“
na závěr přidám poněkud delší citát Geralda Celente:
„The Europeans are going to do the same thing the United States did about the deep problems,throw money after bad debt. There is no solving it and the big lie is that if only the brilliant people put their minds together and work as a unified force, and speak with the same propaganda, that it is all going to be fixed. This thing is going to continue to collapse, just as in the United States following the panic of 2008. When things should have collapsed a lot quicker, they pumped it up by all of this phony money. They are doing the same now inEurope. We are leading into the greatest depression. There is no way out of this. The nerve of people of like Timothy Geithner, our USTreasury Secretary, telling the Europeans that they have to get on this and fix it when we cannot fix our own problems. This is a great unraveling. It has only been held up again and made to look like there is a recovery from the continuing dumping of dollars and Euros into failing banks and institutions. In Europe they are going against the Lisbon Treaty, the Maastricht Agreement, every piece of paper that they put together to design the European Monetary Union. The European Central Bank is not supposed to be buying bonds of failing countries. They are not supposed to be covering the debt of failing banks. They are doing it, just like they are doing here in the United States. Apparently, the investors have flinched first [from the Fed playing a game of QE3 Chicken with the markets] and we saw what happened. Last Wednesday when they announced [no QE3], you saw the world equity markets tumble, but Gold & Silver and other precious metals along with it. Gold & Silver should have gone in the opposite direction, which leads me to believe that this was all pre-planned. Central Banks are dumping gold. We also understand that the higher the price of Gold goes, the less people want to buy their fiat currency. To us, it was an engineered move on many different levels. They are trying to scare people out of precious metals.“
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    zerald je boziiiiiii.

  2. VoDo napsal:

    To rikam porad, mocipani toho maj uz dost! Konec krize ted! Abrakadabra a ne ze to bude nekdo zpochybnovat!

    Strasne mi je lito kam se dostala verejna zurnalistika, Goebbels by uchcaval blahem z ty propagandy. Zerald ma pravdu Prestitutes!

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    To je zajimave,jak tvrdi že je 20 roku banker a boji se o ceske penize,ktere si pry vezmou zahranicni banky,asi mu trochu hrabe,nevim co by s nima delali?Mozna potrebuji nově vytapetovat WC.

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