Zlato a stříbro – několik citátů


Další z řady citátů investorů a lidí pohybujících se v oboru drahých kovů


John Taylor- původem analytik pracující pro Fed.

  • He forecasts that Gold will extend its rally to $1900 by October, to be accompanied by a rally in the Australian and Canadian Dollars as the European debt crisis eases.
  • He anticipates a plunge afterwards in the Gold price to $1100 following liquidations, as a powerful global economic recession grips the world, far worse than the 2008 version.
  • He expects the Euro currency to drop to 115, and might hit parity in 2012.

James Dines – investor s velmi dobrými výsledky.

  • The central investing fact in the world today is the coming end of the age of debt. The US government is borrows 40 cents out of every $1 in its expenditures. The USGovt has responded to debt finance challenges by conducting an unlimited paper printing mania.
  • The whole world is on the verge of a final scramble to lock up hard assets as part of a flight out of paper money. The capitalism system is being transfigured into a monopoly game, out of paper and into tangible assets.
  • It is incorrect to say there is no risk of inflation from printing of money in great volume. Rather that is the definition of inflation. So prices will go up. The tragedy is that QE1 and QE2 were failures. The leaders do not realize that Keynesianism does not work any longer, and probably never did. More debt increase cannot be used to pay off unmanageable debts. More money cannot be printed in order to cure all of the money already printed. All this printed money is flooding the world and wreaking havoc everywhere.
  • The price of silver is going far higher than anybody realizes. It is going far higher than $50. It is going to test the $100 an ounce level, and beyond that somewhere between $300 and $500 an ounce.
  • He gave warning. If people do not own gold, they will rue the day they decided not to buy it.

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