Zlato a stříbro – několik citátů


Toto je další pokračování citátů významných lidí pohybujících se v sektoru drahých kovů.


John Hathaway je zakladatel Tocqueville Gold Fund, fondu zaměřeného na těžaře

  • Some money going into gold is from financial entities nervous about both Europe and the possibility of a US default.
  • Our fund is very much positioned for further advances in the gold price and more importantly further advances in gold mining stocks. Earnings will be sensational.
  • A big stall in the USEconomy would mean poor corporate earnings, which will be compared against excellent mining firm earnings in a favorable contrast.
  • Any great stumble in WashingonDC on the debt issue and budget challenge will propel the Gold price to $2000 quickly. But upon any resolution, even if temporary, the price will be unstable.
  • Money is moving into Gold since rates of interest have remained negative for three years.
  • Silver will follow the Gold lead in price. The Silver price must work off the emotional excess that it collected on the way to $50 earlier this spring.

Rich Santelli osoba otevřeně vyjadřující své názory na CNBC

  • He foresees a political and financial train wreck, as the debt and budget battle continues with very little willingness to compromise shown. All political parties have disappointed. The practical reality is that cuts have come to mean reductions in increases to the budget, in blatant baseline games.
  • The financial markets are pricing in a compromise, but not necessarily one that has the right substance. The debt rating agencies will vote on the substance part.
  • He regards steadfastly that the rising Gold price was a thumbs down vote of confidence against the USFed as a central bank with all its monetary policies.
  • A $1600 Gold price is a grand insult to central bankers because the effect on fiat currencies of the world for their purchasing power is not tolerable to smart investors.

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