Zlato a stříbro – několik citátů


Toto je první ze série několika příspěvků, ve kterých budu uvádět citáty významných lidí pohybujících se v sektoru drahých kovů.

James Turk je zakladatelem GoldMoney, byl jedním z prvních, kdo upozornil na rizika GLD a SLV.

  • With the USGovt parties in total deadlock and seeming disarray, expect more QE as the patch job to keep the system running. But its abuse will destroy the USDollar and produce a lot more price inflation.
  • This summer that could surprise people. It is setting up like the summer of 1982, when gold soared during the Mexican debt default.
  • Gold could hit $2000 very quickly, and Silver hit $50 very quickly.
  • The London Trader deep throat warns that tremendous price moves up are likely after $1600 gold and $40 silver from short covering by speculators.
  • Exiting the USDollar, exiting the Euro, exiting the British pound, investors are pushing Gold to record highs against all three of those currencies.
  • Price deflation is apparent when prices are measured in terms of Gold. But price inflation is evident when prices are measured in terms of USDollars.
  • As we go through this financial bust, people should avoid financial assets and focus on tangibles. That will ensure survival and the best preservation of wealth possible.

Jim Sinclair je CEO of Tan Range

  • Gold at $1764 is an important critical point, just like gold was at $524 several years ago. After a move above $524, the gold market went into a runaway back then. It is the exact same setup here. But a price over $1764 should bring in some significant supply. He expects a move above $1764 to generate widespread forecasts for a gold price multiples higher, like several $thousand per ounce. Therefore, the $1764 level will be defended vigorously.
  • The political platforms that haggle over the debt crisis could serve as a catalyst for Gold rising above the important $1764 level. Explosive volatile price moves will follow after the $1800 level, with moves of $100 or more on a daily basis.
  • Norcini believes the strength of Gold in the summer months is very significant, usually a weak period. All-time highs in three major currencies have just been registered. Gold is acting as a currency of last resort, a reserve asset, but not at all as a commodity. Confidence in the monetary authorities of these Western nations is being lost rapidly. The USFed is trying to back away from QE3, but the debt supply and absent auction bids by foreigners means they cannot walk away.

Sean Boyd je CEO of Agnico Eagle, středně velké firmy těžící drahé kovy s kapitalizací více než 10 mld dolarů.

  • He corrected forecasted a $1600 Gold price and a $50 Silver price earlier this year.
  • The slow summer month pattern will not apply this year, since the market is global, driven increasingly by Far East demand in Asia.
  • Great resilience has been seen. When precious metals prices fall, they recover quickly from constant buying pressure.
  • Upon temporary solution to the USGovt debt challenge, expect some weakness in the gold price but it will be brief.
  • Central banks are no longer supplying gold to the market. They are actually buying gold, a great pattern reversal.
  • Based upon solid fundamentals and increasing demand, prices could rise next year by 25% to 30% at least. Product offerings are broadening, encouraging greater demand.
  • In the 12 to 18 month timeframe, prices will be in the $2200 to $2400 range for Gold and the $60 to $75 range for Silver.
  • The official government and monetary policy response will be to continue to supply liquidity to the markets, in a continual currency debasement process. It is an Inflate or Die situation, a perfect situation for the precious metals bull market.
  • Mining stocks could benefit from new rounds of merger deals, and from hikes to stock dividends. That would demonstrate a confidence in their own businesses, aided considerably by a tremendous cash flow being generated.

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